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Maybe you do not have the time to come in and volunteer in person?  We still need you.  We want to always be good stewards of what is being given, sometimes this means sanitizing and cleaning off baby gear that on the outside appears dirty.  This saves us a ton of money by using as many donations as possible.  Will you partner with us?


Maybe you can not carry some of our larger items home to clean and sanitize or figuring out how to reassemble that crazy gear once it is clean is not your cup of tea?  We still need you.  Sometimes we have amazing clothing donations that come in and just need a good washing or stain treatment.  Maybe you can help wash an extra load of clothes for us?  Will you partner with us?


Do you need a tax write off?  We need some willing local businesses to get involved and sponsor some care packages for kiddos coming into care.  We need event sponsors for our car seat program.  We need monthly donations to cover items that we do not have in stock but are still immediate needs of this community.  Will you partner with us?



We need regular volunteers.  We can not fill every need without the help of our volunteers.  We are so thankful and blessed, but we could always use an extra set of hands.  Will you partner with us?

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