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Sharon Dieringer: My careers as a social worker (30+ years), and then an attorney (representing kids as an AAL), and as a family court judge, ultimately lead me to doing volunteer work on children’s issues as CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate). This is what I have loved doing for the past 8 years and ultimately what led me to be involved with Hope’s Bridge in Huntsville. Its been a new opportunity to further serve the needs of the children in our community and expand the impact I can make for our future generations.   I function, not only on the board, but as a volunteer worker, in the Huntsville resource center.  I understand and believe in the philosophy and positive impact this organization has in both communities.


We have an amazing team of volunteer leaders that make this all possible.

2023-2024 Board of Directors

Julie Davis: Executive Director

Shannon Jasper : Vice President

Sharon Dieringer: Treasurer

Nelli Kallinyuk : Secretary

Cecilia Isaias: Huntsville Representative

Rocky Butler: Member at Large

 OPEN: Member at Large

Shannon bio.jpg

My name is Shannon Jasper, my husband Clint and I have been married for seventeen years and God has blessed us with three boys.  As a family we are actively involved serving in our local church.   Since the beginning our marriage we both felt called to adopt a child, and decided it would be best to help out in our community through the foster to adopt program.   We began fostering in 2017 and since then have welcomed numerous baby girls through our home.  This has been a great opportunity for our boys to see that there is a world in need, we are there to share the light of Jesus through taking care of the babies that come through our home.  Though we have yet to adopt we have had the opportunity to love and hold every child that comes through our door and pray that they would come to know Jesus at an early age.

Julie Bio.jpg

My name is Julie Davis and I am the Founder and Executive Director of Hope’s Bridge Resource Center. Hope’s Bridge was birthed out of a desperation that no family would ever find themselves feeling hopeless and ready to quit on a child.  I was that person.  I quit on two children because life got hard.  Really hard.  It was easier to give the children back to CPS than to figure out the broken system and my broken extended family.  God saw fit for redemption to occur for our family and after walking two separate CPS journeys over 5 years. We were finally able to adopt our paternal nephews and call them our own.     Since then we have adopted another child as well.  Our family is BIG and God calls the available and willing, not the prepared and equipped.  With that in mind, we want to make a way that every family can be available and willing even if you are scared and tired.  Even if you don’t understand the system or how it functions.  We want the hope of Jesus to be the resonating message for all.  God chose tangible resources for us to use.  Something so simple truly can make a profound impact and bring such huge hope.

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